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Roswell Junior Hornets
Wall Of Fame

2012  State Placers   
Cameron Whiteman - U14,260lbs. - 4th Place - Big Kids State

John Copenhaver - U10, 110lbs. - State Champion - Little Kids State
Christian Cartier - U8, 64lbs. - 4th Place - Little Kids State

2011 National Wrestling Hall of Fame  Coach Randy Faires   
Head Middle School Coach, Randy Faires, was inducted to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, Stillwater Oklahoma, Sunday, May 1st 2011. Randy was one of five other inductees who have all dedicated a great deal of their lives to the Sport of Wrestling in Georgia.

Congratulations Randy! A well deserved honor! You can read more about Randy's accomplishments on our JR Hornets Coaches section.

2011  Team Finish   
5th Place - Middle School State Duals - USAW Division

2011  State Placers   
Jonathan Kwateng - 2nd place - U14, 120lbs. - Big Kid's State
Ryan Willis - 4th place - U14, 210lbs. - Big Kid's State

Gavin Pope - Champion - U6, 43lbs - Little Kid's State

Kaitlyn Haug - Champion - G3-5, 64-65lbs - Georgia Girl's State (Roswell's First Ever Girl Wrestler State Champion-Georgia's first ever Girl Champion in this division - pictured)

2010  Team Finishes   
4th place, USAW Division, 7th place overall Georgia Middle School State Duals (pictured)

4th place, U12 Division - Big Kids State

2010  State Placers   
Ryan Willis - State Champion - U12, 180lbs. - Big Kid's State
Johnathan Kwateng - 3rd place, U12, 105lbs. - Big Kid's State
Cameron Whiteman - 3rd Place, 12U, 205lbs. - Big Kid's State
Robert Copenhaver - 4th place, U12, 112bs. - Big Kid's State
Charles Routt - 4th Place - U14, 115lbs. - Big Kid's State
Rowdy Miller - 4th Place, 14U, 105 lbs - Big Kid's State
Mike Mitchell - 4th Place, Little Kid's State

2009  Team Finish   
4th Place, U12 Division - Big Kid's State

2009  State Placers   
Charles Routt - State Champion - Triple Crown Winner (state champion in Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco - Roswell's First)

Brennan Ninesling - State Champion - U14, 75lbs. - Big Kid's State
Landon Ninesling - 2nd Place - U12, 61lbs. - Big Kid's State
Ryan Willis - 2nd place - U12, 150 lbs. - Big Kid's State
Corey Wilson - 2nd place, U14, 140 lbs. - Big Kid's State

2008  Team Finish   
6th Place, Middle School State Duals – USAW Division

2008  State Placers   
Brennan Ninesling - 2nd place - U12, 65 lbs. - Big Kid's State
Kenny Smith - State Champion - U14, 175 lbs. - Big Kid's State

2007  State Placers   
Jake Martin - State Champion - U14, 95lbs. - Big Kid's State (Roswell JR Hornet's First)
Brennan Ninesling - 4th place - U12, - Big Kid's State

2006  State Placers   
Adam Wilson - 4th Place
Jake Martin - 4th Place

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